Native Language Loss On Immigrants And Their Descendants Essay

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There are over 6,500 languages in the world, yet most of these languages are in danger of extinctions. This is caused by assimilation to more globalized languages like English, Spanish, and Mandarin. The need to obtain a common language to communicate with others of different native languages causes a loss of culture. Smaller native languages are decreasing because people prefer learning globalized languages to achieve better opportunities. Many immigrant families that permanently settle in new areas with differing cultures face this problem of assimilation. This brings up the issue how does native language loss effect later immigrant generations that have assimilated to the new culture. Later generations are faced with the problem of ethnic identity, and issues of possible maintenance of heritage language. There are currently many studies that are looking into how assimilation of American culture is affecting immigrants and their descendants.
Generations of Immigrants
To understand the issue of language loss in immigrant generations one must know the different generations. The first generation is the immigrant themselves who are foreign born, the second generations are born with at least one foreign parent, and third generation and above have parents both born in the United States (“Second-Generation Americans,” 2013). It has been shown in multiple studies that by the third generation the heritage language (HL) is completely gone and replace by English.…

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