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Native Americans in Today’s Society
Peace is not a constant state which is easy to achieve. Every person will find moments of peace throughout their lives, but to truly feel peace is difficult to achieve. “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” is a moving story about a young man’s journey to finding this peace within himself. Victor,whose father has just passed away due to a heart attack, is planning a trip to Phoenix, Arizona so that he may claim his father’s savings account. To do so, he must find the funds to travel from his home of Spokane Indian Reservation to Phoenix, Arizona. Victor has just lost his job working at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, so the funds for his trip prove to be difficult to pull together. Luckily, living in the same Reservation is Victor’s childhood friend, Thomas Builds-the-Fire. Victor and Thomas grew up together, but as they aged, their friendship seemed to grow apart. Thomas and Victor crossed paths on the same day that Victor’s father passed away. Thomas gave his condolences to Victor, which started a conversation between the boys. Thomas told Victor that he would help pay Victor’s way to Phoenix so long as Victor would take Thomas along on the trip. The boys set the plans into action, purchasing plane tickets to Arizona and traveling to Victor’s father’s trailer. When the boys arrived to the trailer, a terrible smell came from within. When Victor’s father passed away, he laid for a week, dead inside the trailer with hundred degree…

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