Native Americans : The Indians Essays

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The “Indians”
Racism in this country has lived on throughout many generations and even centuries. In its early days this country went through slavery, and even the civil rights movement which segregated many blacks of the time. Racism, however, also was a part of this country before it even became a country and was known just as North America. In the Late 1400s Spanish settlers in search of the new world set off to explore and find new land. What these settlers were expecting, however, was that they would be landing in the West Indies, and boy were they completely wrong. As they landed these settlers actually were stepping foot onto North American soil expecting to be in the West Indies. The catch is that there were actually people already occupying the land already, and they were known as the Native Americans, or during that time "Indians"(since they thought they were in the West Indies). Fast forward hundreds of years to the creation of this country and then even today, many Native Americans are often discriminated against and treated as if they aren 't human. The way the early settlers and even the government from back then and today of this land have treated this group of people is very disrespectful. Considering the fact that this was and still is there land, we have simply taken it over and made it our own due to how leading officials have made it. From significant events like the trail of tears, and other traumatic events we can see how the American government has a…

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