Essay on Native Americans Should Not Be Banned From California

1175 Words Apr 2nd, 2016 null Page
On January 24, 1848, James Wilson Marshall, a carpenter originally from New Jersey, discovered gold in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Although it was not the first time gold was found in California, this event caused the most migrations of people to California because it had the most substantial evidence that it was real. This was because Sam Brannan brought three wagon loads of gold to the nearby town of Coloma, which resulted in the news of gold being spread through the state, the country, and ultimately the world. Foreign people went to California to get away from the poor conditions of where they were as well as to become rich by mining gold. However, they were treated poorly since they caused heightened competition over gold. Chinese left to escape the Taiping Rebellion, but whites forced them to flee from gold mines, pay unfair taxes, and be banned from California. Mexicans left to flee from post-war conditions in Mexico, but were faced with physical punishment, unfair taxes, and a ban. Native Americans started to mine gold in order for them to trade with merchants for items they needed, but ended up facing a type of enslavement and genocide. Blacks left to escape from slavery, but dealt with harassment, losing rights, and being sent back to the South. Overall, this racism and discrimination were due to the fear of the whites ,who feared that the migrations of foreign people would cause them to lose their jobs and gold. Knowing that racism can be caused by fear, one…

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