Native Americans And Their Rich And Fascinating Culture Essay

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Eliana Ritt

Honorable or Heinous?

Honorable, historical, and humble: these are all words that can be used to describe the Native Americans and their rich and fascinating culture. When we talk about Native Americans, we often talk about their struggles throughout history. Recently, there has been a new struggle with the Native Americans involving controversy of whether or not the mascots used for sports teams are offensive. Emotions and opinions tend to influence mankind more than reason, but throughout all of the attention covering this social issue, it is clear that the Native American mascots in the sports industry are offensive.

Throughout all of the atrocities and hardships that were brought upon the Native Americans during history, it seems that their fight for justice and equality is never over. The fight that the Native Americans now face is one to get rid of the offensive and demoralizing mascots. This group of people is already extremely under represented, "the total Native American and Alaska Native population alone only makes up 2.9 million or about 0.9% of the US population in 2010," according to the U.S. Census in "Indian Country Demographics Content". This community has enough hardships involving poverty, starvation, unemployment, alcoholism, and premature death.

Eventually, all of these hardships take their toll. Sadly, a large percent of the Native American population succumbs to alcoholism, and fall into depression as well. "1-in-10, or nearly…

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