Native American Tribes And Native Americans Essay

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During the early and mid 1400’s, before colonization, North America was inhabited by an enormous amount of diverse Native American tribes. These tribes were incredibly dispersed across the continent of North America, which resulted in Native Americans populating many different geographical regions. The introduction of settlers from Europe, especially Spain, caused the lives of these Native Americans to transform drastically. When analyzing the history of North American tribes, it is important to note the reasoning behind the susceptibility of Native Americans to European conquest as well as why these tribes were so distinctly unique from one another. After the ice ice age, the climate and geography of North America changed drastically. Subsequently, North America became divided into multiple regions with varying climates and landscapes. This varying geography was what caused each Native American tribe to develop and function differently. Furthermore, the differences between the lifestyles of Native American tribes and the Europeans was what caused them to be susceptible to conquest. Native Americans and Europeans had two incredibly different lifestyles. These differences were hard to fathom for the Europeans and influenced their brutal conquest. On the eve of colonization, Native American societies of North America were distinctly different due to the diversity of each tribe’s landscape, as well as were susceptible to brutal European conquest because of the acute differences…

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