Native American Fishing History

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The legal source of Native Americans rights in regards to hunting and fishing can be traced back to the 1800’s. In the 1800’s Native American signed serval treaties with the federal government relinquishing them of their lands. During the abdication of their lands the Native Americans were granted their continual rights to hunting and fishing. Normally, these rights would guaranteed them hunting and fishing rights on the reservation. Due to their not being a clear and concise regulation written against off reservation hunting and fishing, the Native American were still hunting and fishing at their traditional location which majority time took place off the reservation. In class law (United States v. Winans, 198 US 371- Supreme Court 1905), …show more content…
The conflict was brought about when the present-day Chippewa formerly known as the Ojibwe was exercising their right to spear fish in off reservation lands that they were accustomed to given to them in rights presented in treaties signed by them and the federal government. What started the conflict was that the locals was upset that the Chippewa was killing a majority of the female fishes with their spears and reducing the population of fish in the water. It would not have so much been a problem, but the Native American was doing nothing to help replenish the fish, such as paying tax to help replace the fish hatcheries. This cause an uproar among the people and they started to retaliate against the Native Americans in a violent manner. Government official had to bring in security for several year around the spearfishing season to help keep the violence against the Native American fisher to a minimum.
The Walleye War teaches us that there are still a lot of treaties and law that are not clearly defined. It also teaches us that since we did not take the rights of the Native American seriously that the people would do the same and no take them seriously. Fish and game are very important to people to the point where they will cause bodily harm to another person. Fishing and game policy needs to be redefined so that it clearly state the rights of everyone within its reach so there are no misunderstanding among the

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