Native American And Native Americans Essay

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Native Americans tribes, although not cohesively unified in a single nation, established numerous communities based on their own traditions and cultures long before the arrival of Europeans in 1492. As Spain, England, and France fought for land claims in the Americas to further enhance their political and economic power, they brought new diseases, technology, political structures, social hierarchies, and religion—all of which the Native Americans were previously unexposed to. While all nations brought disease and religion, their relationships with the indigenous populations contrasted with the frequency of violent confrontations, economic motives, and social interactions—all of which were based on the Europeans’ willingness to accept and accommodate to the abiding traditions of the Native Americans. While Spain, England, and France utilized different strategies when they conquered the Americas, they each brought disease. Native American populations were completely isolated from the eastern hemisphere prior to European contact in 1492. Therefore, unlike the Europeans, they had no immunity or exposure to these diseases. As a result, each European settler brought illnesses that decimated the indigenous populations. In each area, the native population was diminished by at least 50% (Cassel). The drastic reduction in population aided the Europeans’ conquest of the new land. In fact, when Hernan Cortes overthrew the Aztec empire, the smallpox epidemic helped to decrease the…

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