Essay On Europeans And Native Americans

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When the Europeans colonized North America, the Native Americans and the Europeans actually formed a sort of partnership and mutual understanding to each other. The Europeans learned to get along with the Indian tribes through gifts and tributes to the chiefs of the Indian tribes. This partnership eventually began to decline and fail when the British and American populations grew in the region. Their presence helped destroy the partnership because of many reasons. The first reason this partnership failed, is because the new settlers had trouble adapting to the customs of the Native Americans. This created many conflicts among the Europeans and Native Americans. Another reason this partnership failed, is because when the newer settlers came …show more content…
Over time, historians have challenged this view by examining how cruel the Europeans were to the Indians. They rejected the idea of white superiority and instead, viewed the Europeans as brutal over the Indians. One historian Gary Nash, presented this idea in his book, Red, White, and Black. In this book, the Indians were perceived as victims to the Europeans brutality. Another misconception about Native Americans in the European colonization of North America, is that some historians viewed them as savages and violent towards the Europeans. After the partnership between the Europeans and the Native Americans failed, a war called King Philip's War broke out between the Indians and the Europeans. The violence of King Philip’s War helped misconceive and shape many people’s views of the Native Americans. Many people began to see the Native Americans as savages because as the Europeans claimed victory over the Indians, they began to depict the Native Americans as savages to work in their own moral favor. Recently, however, historians have explored and imposed the idea that Native Americans and Europeans were in an unstable partnership and were both relevant in making the new

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