Essay about Native American And Mexican American Families

999 Words Oct 18th, 2015 4 Pages
Cultural defines us not only as a single person’s collection of personal beliefs and assumptions of the world, but can also span across large populations over the course of many generations. For our society to progress and evolve to a much more sophisticated entity, it is crucial that we must understand, and accept, the countless number of varying cultures that we will observe throughout our lives. As someone who was born into a small rural town that lacks diversity, I set out to learn the differences between my culture, and the cultures of the Asian-American and Mexican-American families of today.
My culture can be defined as being identified as a middle-class, blue-collar, White American. I was born into a small community whom lacked citizens of diverse ethnic backgrounds, and against the grain social and political beliefs. Although my values may differ from those of previous generations, a lot of the root beliefs still hold true to today. For example, Christianity is viewed as the most practiced religion for White Americans. Prior to present time, an average white household featured a dominant, hard-working father figure, and an obedient wife who abides to all housework chores, including the child rearing of anywhere between one to four children. In today’s society, our acceptance of what is normal household has not only expanded upon the expectations of what a husband and wife contributes to the household, but also the acceptance of different types of families that stem…

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