Natasha Rodriguez's Who Are You Calling Underprivileged?

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Underprivileged In Natasha Rodriguez’s essay, “Who Are You Calling Underprivileged?,” she argues that the word underprivileged shouldn’t be used based on someone’s ethnicity. The author then went on to explain that the definition of “underprivileged” didn’t fit who she is just because she’s of Latino/Hispanic background. Rodriguez also explained that researchers found that labeling these students as underprivileged can give them lower self-esteem, and that colleges should not automatically send out these brochures that are entitled, “Helping Underprivileged Students,” based on what ethnicity box they checked off during their application process. Instead, the author suggests that they use a different term other than underprivilege. In …show more content…
Just like the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” applies to this situation as well. Don’t automatically assume someone is underprivileged because of what they come from, maybe they need money, but that does not make them underprivileged.
The definition of underprivilege, according to, “deprived through social or economic condition of some of the fundamental rights of all members of a civilized society” (“underprivileged,” Merriam-Webster). Most kids who are called underprivilege don’t fit this definition. Students who go to college and are put under this category, are not being denied privileges of society because of their income. Rather, they are just in need of extra money to pay off for school, not saying they struggle in their own life financially. Secondly, labeling students underprivilege is wrong because it can cause problems in society. When we label individuals they most likely are brought up by assumptions. Typically, assumptions will eventually lead to being stereotypes, which will soon be put downs and turn in to bullying. Students will start to think that they are better than the students who are put under this category because of the definition of underprivilege, when these students just need help paying for
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Just like Rodriguez stated in her article, it can cause people to have a lower self-esteem. (Rodriguez 207). When labeling individuals, a certain word that doesn’t fit who they are, it can have a long-term effect on their personality. Labeling can make people feel insecure in who they are by making them not want to apply to college, because of the brochures that get sent out to them. Labeling can also make them not want to associate with people who don’t have this label on, them because it can make them feel like an outcast.
It can also affect the way individuals feel in their life by making them lose motivation. They won’t be motivated to apply to colleges, go to college, or apply to any finance programs because they will have this label that they are underprivilege. Having to walk around with his label that they are considered underprivileged will make them lose all enthusiasm about accomplishments that they got for themselves. In Rodriguez’s article she states, “several colleges I was considering sent me material that made me feel worthless rather than excited about

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