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Russu Cristian

Narrative Essay

The legend of the Coral Island - NOPOMBALU

The legend of the Coral Island - NOPOMBALU Once upon a time there were a handsome hunter, his name was Lawongo. In the jungle he only hunted wild hogs. The animals often destroyed the villagers' fields. The villagers were very grateful. With Lawongo's help, their fields were safe from the wild hogs. Lawongo was also very great in playing a flute, it was so melodious, like the night butterflies, dancing over the fire. Everybody always enjoyed listening to his flute play. One of the people was a beautiful girl. She always listened attentively, with those passionate eyes looking at him. Lawongo knew there was a beautiful girl who always paid
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Lawongo was devastated. He felt guilty. He knew last night he stabbed his wife, while having that nightmare. He then told the villagers…:
"I cannot live without my wife. Please prepare two coffins, one for me and the other one is for my wife."
"No, please don't do it. You are still young and we still need you here. Besides that we still want to hear you play the flute." said one of the villagers.
"Don't worry, I still play the flute for you. Make a hole on the coffin's cover and I’ll play it until I can no longer. If you cannot longer hear my playing, it means I'm dead. After that, you shall go to the beach, where a strange thing will appear from the sea. Do not point at that thing and do not say anything. It is my reincarnation." Later, the villagers buried the two coffins. At the first night, they could still hear his playing. However the sound was getting weaker and weaker. And finally the villagers stopped hearing anything after a few nights.
They did as Lawongo requested. They went to the beach. They all set down on the shore, then, suddenly, a strange thing emerged from the sea. It was very big. They all were surprised. However they did not say anything. The thing finally stopped growing. The villagers used their sampan and came to the thing. It was a coral island. They named the island as Napombalu, which is from the words Napo and Nawalu. Napo means a coral island and Nawalu means a strange thing which turns into an island.

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