Harvest Moon Friends In Mineral Town Essay

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Greetings! I've noticed that there isn't really a real strategy guide for this game other than an incomplete one that has not been updated for what seems to be in a year if not two. So I've suffered through the mysteries of the game and figured things out on my own along with a ton of googling and friend talking to gather together my current knowledge on the best way to go about this game. Hope you find this useful in your days as a farmer in Harvest Moon Friends in Mineral Town!
Crops are really your main source of income. Planting them and watering them is your best method of getting the big bucks. I recommend planting them in a specific pattern known as the Donut pattern. Basically, you make a square but leave out the middle when
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It is the best source of income in Winter. You can go into deeper levels of the mine by digging around with your hoe and happening across stairs. There are 255 levels to each mine, and the only way to get that far is to use a specific method. First you save(not save state) before going down a set of stairs. Once you have gone down those stairs, Save State with the F2 button(Ah the wonders of emulators <3) and dig around for the stairs, once you have found them, load the save state with the F4 button go straight to them and dig them up. Save right before going down the stairs again, and Save State once you have gone down them. Saving before going down stairs is in the case that you run into a dead end and cannot proceed. When this happens, you must restart the game and try again, but at least with this method you wont have to start the entire mine over again. Time does not pass in …show more content…
These items are not worth much, and are better used to upgrade your tools. Tools and Upgrades will be explained later on. You can find Goddess Jewels on floor 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202, and 222. Each jewel can only be found once on each floor, and can only be found once you have bought the shelf from the shopping channel on Saturdays. When all are collected, they will form the Goddess Gem which increases your stamina when equipped. You can also find Mythic Stones, Teleport Stone, A Power Berry, and the French Fries recipe here. Mythic will only appear after you have gotten the Cursed Tools (explained in Tools and Upgrades) and are found on the same floors as Goddess Gems, the Teleport stone will not appear until after year three of the game, Power Berry appears on floor 100, and French Fries Recipe appears all the way on floor 255(but I can save you the time by saying Frying Pan, Knife, Potato, and Oil is the

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