The Tale Of A Tree's Life At Christmas

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Have you ever wondered what Christmas would be like from the tree’s perspective. Well, suspicions can now be put to rest because this is the tale of a tree’s life at Christmas. This is the story about the most memorable time of my life. In this story you will learn of how I was cut down, watched a family’s Christmas, and when the time came, had to say goodbye. It was in the midst of a frostbitten November afternoon, when I heard a rustling in the nearby bushes. I figured it was a deer or maybe a bear getting ready for hibernation. Then I heard a man’s voice, followed by what I could only presume to be the playful bickering of children, which was put to a halt by the firm serious tone of their mother. There were many things running through …show more content…
I felt pain around the base of my trunk, then I knew why. It hit me all at once like a freight train. I wasn’t rooted anymore and the bottom of my trunk had been placed in a stand. The reason it was so bright was because there was a strand of lights placed around me. There was also a variety of different shaped and sized ornaments on my branches. I looked to one side and there was a glass door, where I could see the forest that I once called home, mocking me from afar. When I looked to the other side, I almost fell over. There stood a young boy admiring the beauty of lights and ornaments coming together with the natural wonder of a tree. Right next to him was a little girl, slightly older, but still a child. Both amazed by the balance of nature and man-made objects that was their Christmas tree. Later on that day as things were beginning to wind down in my new home, I heard Christmas music playing in the background. As the Christmas spirit hovered in the atmosphere, the tired family gathered near my gentle glow and dozed off one by one. Their dog, too fell asleep under my branches, as it was then I realized my true purpose in this household. As my feeling of fear slipped away, I knew that I was their symbol of peace, love, and

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