Essay Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

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Today, people think of slavery as a tragic time in American history, not giving much thought about how severe and brutal it was for African Americans. In the personal narrative, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, a former slave Frederick Douglass, brings the harsh truth to light. He applies rhetorical strategies and vivid personal experiences to express his own thoughts of slavery and how it impacted his life. The book starts by recalling early childhood memories. Even as a child, slavery impacted him in such a strong way that as an older man writing the narrative, he can recall the horrific events that happened. He continues by revealing more influential times in his life that he felt needed to be added. By adding significant personal experiences to the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, he gives the reader a genuine recollection of life as a slave. Through his effective use of rhetorical strategies, vivid imagery and pathos, Frederick Douglass argues the ideas that slavery corrupted the master just as much as the slave, the dehumanization of the slaves left them feeling spiritless and dejected on the plantations, and slavery was an institution that was supported because of the white man’s religious views.
Throughout the narrative, Douglass mentions the many different slave masters that he had growing up. He explains how they treated him based on the environment and character. While growing up on the plantation, he encountered masters who were cruel and…

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