Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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The Paradox of Education in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
--There Can be No Freedom Without Education (Douglass, Frederick) The power of education has been realized by Frederick Douglass throughout his book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, which also leads Douglass to the path of freedom. Like many other slaves, Douglass had no clue about his birth date; he was an obedient slave until he got some basic education from his old mistress Ms. Auld. Later on, after his mistress Ms. Auld stops tutoring him, Douglass started to learn by his own and tries to learn and write in any possible ways. However, the more Douglass learns, the more horror of slavery he realizes. At one point, he states, “It [education] opened my eyes to the horrible pit, but offered no ladder upon which to get out” (48), which indeed pushed him forward to fight for freedom because Douglass realized the importance of education and became fraught with being a slave, and Douglass indeed successfully escaped from it. By the end Douglass freed himself and started to inspire other people to repeal slavery by sharing his early-life slave experience and writing this book. Douglass once said, “there can be no freedom without education” (Ch6) to state the fact that education provides chances for freedom, because most slaves were kept illiterate so they would not rebel and become free; however, being educated also makes Douglass realizes how cruel and degrading slavery is, in which Douglass…

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