Narrative Experience Of My Family

The first experience in my life that has an impact on my personality is when I was a child my parents got divorced and I moved in with my aunt in Florida. When my parents got divorced I was around two or three years old, therefore I was still building trust with those around me. I did not see my parents for about three to four months because my mother believed it was best to live with my aunt while they were not fighting. Not only was it a traumatic experience for me because I was far away from my parents, but it was also traumatic because it was a huge change in my life. I left the home that I had lived in since I was born, my parents were not both there, and they were constantly fighting. I believe that my separation anxiety and trust …show more content…
I had to be patient in helping her learn because she was a child and needed someone to be there for her and help her develop. My mother did not have time to raise my siblings and I because when I was twelve my step father passed away. At this time my sister was about five and my brother was around two. This was a huge traumatic experience for my family because most people do not think that they will lose their parent as a child. It seemed impossible for someone to die so young, but it made me have more separation anxiety. I also fear when other people drive because my step father passed away because of an accident. Overall, there have been several experiences that have affected my personality. These experiences have given me several ways of thinking. When my parents sent me to live with my aunt for months it made me fear people leaving me. This is why I have a hard time with relationships whether it is a romantic relationship or a friendship. It is hard for me to want to be close to a person in fear they will leave. It makes me feel as though I will only get hurt and they will leave me when they do not want to deal with me anymore. It makes more cautious of my choices in friends and

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