Narrative Essay On Trucker-Up

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Feeling dirty. I laid out a jogging suit, took a shower and shaved. Getting dressed, I kept looking at that room. A sense of joy filled my heart. I was revived. At 11:30pm, I proceeded towards finishing my mission. I commenced to scrub, cleaned, and organized every square inch of the rest of the house. Uniquely decorating each room as I went. Big red bows on the walls and windows. Christmas towels in the bathroom. A reindeer in a corral with white cotton poop on the back of the toilet. While I was cleaning, I cooked a ham with pineapples and cherry’s. A pan of stuffing. Made deviled eggs and green beans. Fixed a plate with crackers, with port cheese and sliced summer sausage. Set up the buffet with the cheese and crackers. Placed Christmas dishes and rolled silverware and sat that on it next to the holly tea glasses. Then, the Santa …show more content…
I was still tired and sore. Checked my blood sugar, it was over 500. I needed to medicate soon. In that moment, I made a knowingly, life-threatening decision. I decided to trucker-up. To explain trucker-up! It is something I used to do on the road when I had been driving for 3 days straight, and I was 600 miles away, with a load that couldn’t be late. No choice but to trudge on to make it, or lose the money I was being paid for the load. The formula is dangerous. It must be mixed correctly or it will blow your heart valve and you die. I certainly had the product to make a version of it. After little thought, I figured why not. I mixed cocktail of 4 Adderall 30’s, crushed, with 3 hydrocodone 10’s, crushed. 200 milligrams of powdered caffeine, added 2 goodie powders plus, for a kick added 2 Viagra. Crushed, Chopped, and blended it on a dish then poured it into a small chemistry beaker. Add a double shot of distilled water and a very small drop of distilled vinegar. Heating, but not to a boil. Stirring on low heat until it dissolves into a milky water. It needed to cool for 30

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