Narrative Essay On The Shadow Time

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Shadow Times
32 days 14 hours 22 minutes
That’s how long it takes them to take over. First, you think it’s just dreams, then you start sleepwalking, when you aren’t asleep, but then the worst part is when you start doing the things you thought were nightmares, but not knowing that you did. This is the Shadow Times.
Tiona’s mother was worried about her when she refused to go to school. “Tiona, is somebody picking on you sweetie?” Tiona’s mom was sitting on her bed next to her stroking her morning head.
“No mom, I just don’t feel good,” she wasn’t technically lying, she didn’t feel good at all. The whispering voices had kept her up all night again. She was afraid of what this meant, but she was prepared to leave before they finally
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I guess I just need to catch up on sleep.” After a long hard battle Tiona finally won and her mom went to work, but she never saw Tiona …show more content…
“Lexi, Patrick didn’t come home last n-” Michael started sobbing, I grabbed him and pulled him to me not wanting to let go. I started bawling too. My greatest fears were proven true, Patrick was murdered.
1 day 2 hours 13 minutes Once I stopped crying and actually took a moment to think I realized I was more angry than upset. Why would anyone want to murder him?! “KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!” Someone was slamming on my door. Why would someone be here so late?
I peaked out the little peephole and saw nothing, “umm hello? Anyone there?” I heard some noises behind me, I froze.
“Someone’s always here darling.” Someone was in my house! How did someone get in my house?! What do I do?! “Don’t be afraid dear. We only want the best for you.” I spun around, no one was there. Nothing but my reflection in the mirror.
“Where are you? Why can’t I see you?!” I was beyond terrified.
“Darling, calm down. We know we only come to you when you are sleeping, so that we keep the noise down, but we figured it was time for you to hear us more, maybe all the time. After all it will be your last day tomorrow.”
“What are you talking about?! How do you talk to me in my sleep? Have you been stalking me?!” I was furious, this must be a stupid

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