Narrative Essay On Riding A Bike

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Most dad’s endeavor to teach their kids how to ride a bike the easiest way, with training wheels and parental guidance. However, my dad had the most radical methods when it came to teaching. It was a Sunday morning, which meant that my dad was doing his routine jog around the neighborhood. As sweat dripped from his chin, he noticed the neighbor’s kid riding his bike.
“I wonder how much time would it take me to teach my son?” He thought.
He dashed inside the house and busted through the door of my bedroom. My eyes groggily opened and slowly adjusted to see my dad grabbing me by the arm and dragging me outside. My dad grabbed both of my shoulders and shook me to get me to pay attention. He started lecturing me on the importance of knowing how
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“Son, the day is perfect, therefore I’ll teach you the art of riding a bike,” he proclaimed.
“Dad, it’s hot and I’m tired and I am melting like a popsicle and don’t forget the fact that I don 't have a bike!” I shouted.
“That won 't be a problem, son,” he said eerily.
Without any hesitation, my dad stomped up to our neighbor 's house, pounded on the door, and waited impatiently. The neighbor opened the door and my dad hurriedly explained the situation to him. Minutes later, I spotted my dad with the neighbor’s blue bike.
“Are you insane or what?” I shouted.
“Don’t worry! The neighbor said we could use it all day,” Dad replied cheerily.
After several attempts of teaching me how to ride the bike, my dad noticed that every time I was about to fall off the bike, I would stomp both of my feet to the ground before I would crash to the ground. My dad grabbed some old nasty ropes from the garage, and tied my feet to the pedals. Forcibly, my dad said that the only way I would learn was this. Despite my dad’s ridiculous methods, his patience and instruction taught me how to ride a bike by the age of five.
My dad was quite intense at teaching something as simple as riding a bike, yet e when it came to playing sports, especially golf, he became someone
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He ordered us to change and to have breakfast quickly. As we were driving through the main streets of the city to the gold course,my dad whipped out his phone out of his back pocket of his golf shorts. He gave us the phone and told us to to look at some pictures of the golf course. When we arrived at the golf course, my dad told us today we were all going to learn how to play golf. I was excited to learn, however when I tried to hit a ball with a golf club it was practically impossible.I felt furious because it felt like the golf ball was purposely avoiding the golf club that I was swinging with full

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