Narrative Essay On My First Car

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My first car was an Isuzu rodeo 1998 my birth year. It was my junior year at Hermitage high school and I had only been driving for a few months. It was a gloomy Friday afternoon and school had just let out for the day, so I walked to my car in the student parking lot then called my best friend Briana who wasn’t at school because she had an early work release but she was off. So I got in my car and called her to see if she wanted hang out, she said yea sure. I drove to her house; she lives like five minutes away from the school near laurel lakes. I get to her house and go in to sit down and talk to her and mom then we decide to go and maybe get something to eat so we walk out her house about to get in the car when we see her stepdad and he says “hey, …show more content…
Briana’s mom, and my family was upset at the girl. I knew it wasn’t completely her fault but it wasn’t mines alone either. There are some factors that seemed like it was her fault for instance I told the police it looked like she was speeding and they said” you can’t tell if she was speeding or not.” but if she wasn’t speeding how could she make my SUV do a complete one-eighty where I was facing the opposite direction with her little car? By the way her whole car is tangled up with the pole totaled. Everyone except the police and the girl had the same logic. The police write up everything, gives me the ticket, I leave with my sister in her car. Briana and her mom leaves; my dad stayed to get the car and while I’m in my sister’s car I started to cry my eyes out. I couldn’t stop I guess I was in shock, or the feel of the car scared me. When it was all said and done I got a ticket for failure to make a left turn and I didn’t disagree, because I failed to do that. I had to go to court and later on found out I had to take a six-hour driving class. That was the first and only car accident I got into so

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