A Serious Disorder Case Study

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A Serious Disorder
It is the first day of school at Norton Elementary, and the third grade class is being taught fractions. While sitting in class, Bobby Clay fidgets anxiously in his chair struggling to pay attention to the math instructor. Mrs. Johnson, his teacher, notices this, jots down a note, and continues to do her job. After the lecture, Mrs. Johnson assigns the class to work in groups to practice their fractions. During this time, she calls over her new student, Bobby, to her desk to ask him a few questions. “Bobby, do you enjoy school?” He looks at her confused and shakes his head no. “Why?” Mrs. Johnson asks. Bobby stutters, “I have a hard time understanding things.” His teacher asks, “Do you have trouble paying attention to your
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Thomas was diagnosed with ADHD over the summer and when school was ready to begin, Thomas’s parents thought it was unnecessary for him to take medication. The first days of school were fine for Thomas. He had fun meeting all his teachers, getting his school supplies sorted, playing at recess and other things. But during class, Thomas often struggled to pay attention. He could never sit still and was always tapping his pencil and staring at the clock. Thomas felt like a caged tiger while in class. He asked his teachers three times a day to go to the bathroom just to get a break from his mind-numbing torture. Whenever there was classwork to do, he struggled because he never focused during class. During tests and quizzes he just waited for the bell to ring so he could turn in his blank paper and leave. Thomas had a problem that he could not solve alone, yet his peers and teachers never tried helping him because they assumed he was unintelligent. Now Thomas has poor grades and his parents are wondering why he doesn’t try in school. According to the ADHD institute, children often make careless mistakes or fail to finish schoolwork and are also ‘always on the go’. Thomas is fortunate enough to obtain self-control as he could have problems making …show more content…
Noah is a fourth grade student who has ADHD. He often finds himself in situations where he cannot make friends. Noah often tells kids that he is a character from the game Minecraft. Noah sometimes talks in a strange voice that makes other children skeptical of him. At recess one day Noah was approaching some other children to start a conversation only to hear them say, “Noah’s coming, run!” Noah cannot help but to feel sorry for himself as he walks slowly back to the picnic table where he came from. He notices some children walking by and calls them over. They pretend as if Noah never even said anything. Now, every day at school Noah dreads recess time, because all it does is cause him humiliation and pain. Noah now may have depression from his lack of friends. Friends are relative and important for children to have. Millie Ferrer and Anne Fugate are scientists at UF/IFAS, an institute of science in Florida. Rendering their article, research has proved that children can later develop emotional and mental difficulties later in life. Friendships allow children to mentally and morally grow. Also the article includes, “In interacting with friends, children learn many social skills, such as how to communicate, cooperate, and solve problems. They practice controlling their emotions and responding to the emotions of others. They develop the ability to think through and negotiate

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