Narrative Essay: It's Exciting To Be In A New Home?

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"Well what do you think?" Emily 's dad asked her, "It 's exciting to be in a new home, don 't you think?" "I guess so," started Emily "but what about all my friends, what if I don 't like it here or the other kids don 't like me?" Emily 's mom told her confidently, "Sweetheart you are an amazing girl, you know you 'll make new friends fast. Plus look at this big house, you 'll never be bored and you can have plenty of friends over with all this room."
Emily wasn 't so sure of her new house. It was old and falling apart, when they got inside the ceilings had stains from leaks and the floors were not completely covered with tiles. As she walked up the stairs every single one made an eerie creaking . As she reached the top step she swore she heard someone run down
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I promise. Please come out." she begged him. She just wanted a friend to play with. The boy moved a little closer to Emily in the mirror, she looked behind her but the boy wasn 't there. Her eyes came back to the mirror and the boy was in plain sight now. His eyes were a milky white, his teeth rotting out. Dirt and mud was covering him. "Can you hear me?" she wanted to know. "Yes." he replied with a soft voice "I can hear you and see you. How old are you?" Emily was shocked, "T...t...ten. How old are you?" "One hundred and twenty three. But really I 'm eight." Emily furrowed her eyebrows, "How are you one hundred and twenty three but really eight? That makes no sense at all!" "Well in my world your body stops aging. Go ahead and touch the mirror, you can see for yourself."
Emily was frightened but did as the little boy said. Within the blink of an eye she was face to face with the non-aging boy. She could see the room and exact spot she was standing through the mirror. "How did I get in here?" she managed to squeak. "Just come on, you 'll like it here once you see everything. It’s close to your world but quite different in many

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