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It’s the year 2050, all of the glaciers in the world disappear. Planet Earth loses its winter season and the new generation of kids won 't experience snow. Everyday is like summer and regular day has sixteen hours of sunlight and 8 hours of night time. People everyday die of heat stroke.
David is a average 14 year old boy. He likes to visit his grandpa to listen to his stories about snow and he always thought how it will feel like. As usual he arrived to his high school and his first class of the day was science. He loved his science class because of his teacher Earl. Earl wasn’t a regular teacher because he worked in Area 51 but was fired because he was selling classified documents. David always thought his teacher was a bit strange. Earl
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They make copies to distribute it around the world. The invention is placed in each continent so all kids can experience snow. The scientist predict the machine will make it snow for about a week.
On December they simultaneously start the machines. After a few hours David looks out the window and the sky is filled with milky white clouds. A few more hours pass and giant snowflakes fall to the ground and eventually everything outside is covered by a white thick sheet of snow. David goes outside and plays with his friends from school. When he comes back inside he is freezing. His whole body is numb, and for David it was strange for him to get cold. He drinks hot chocolate with his friends and goes to sleep.
It 's the next day and Davis is prepared to go to school but his mom gets a call that there will be no school for a whole week. David gets up and takes a glance out of his bedroom window. He sees empty roads piled with tons of snow and covering cars. At this point he is frightened. He calls Earl what is going on, but his reply was the same. Fortunately the scientist created a remote that can deactivate every machine. The scientist press it. Hours pass and nothing seems to change. The snowflakes seem to get bigger everytime David takes a look
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It is a lonely planet. No one to talk to except his parents. Everyday his dad brings home firewood to heat up his home but even the heat of the fire can 't stop the struggle of the cold ice and snow. Everyday David 's mom brings canned food from the houses she has raided. She does her best to feed her family.
David is in his bedroom and all of the sudden he hears his parents arguing. David 's house trembles. He looks outside and sees his dad walking through the snow. David rushes downstairs and takes a look at her mom. She is weeping, tears running down her cheeks. David asks her mom where dad left, but her mom doesn’t say a word. Minutes pass and everything settled down. The fire had gone out and house had no heat. David tells his mom to help him find firewood.
They walk outside. They can 't see anything except for the footsteps his dad left. They follow the footsteps to find David 's dad. They walk for hours, and each step they take is like stepping in nails. Out of nowhere the footsteps end. David knows this is the end. He looks around to find a house nearby, but nothing is visible. So they follow their own footsteps to head back home. David 's feet are killing him. He takes off his shoes and socks. Both of his feet have turned blue and there was nothing he could do about it. It was the end. Him and his mom laid in the snow looking at the sky. They took nap that would never

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