Narrative Essay About My First Day

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So far our first day of school is going pretty good. Everyone is super nice, including the teachers. When Luke and I hold hands, everyone coos at us instead of giving us death glares. We even have all the same classes, so we 're together all the time. Most people wouldn 't like that, but I never get tired of being with Luke. I think the best part of school, however, is the fact that there 's an LGBT club that Luke and I joined.

"So, how did you two meet?" Our new friend Lynsey asks as we sit down for lunch.

"We 've known each other since we were in diapers." Luke smiles.

"That 's so cute!" Lynsey shouts. We met Lynsey when we were signing up for our clubs. She 's the president of the LGBT club so she 's kind of taken us under her wing.
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The two nearly end up in tears as we tell the stories.

After lunch we walk with Lynsey and Robyn to our club session. The second we walk in I feel safe. Not just because Luke is holding my hand, but because there 's a room full of people just like us. They 're gay and they 're out and they 're proud. They 're not here to judge us or beat us down. They 're here to support us and be our family.

"Guys, I want to introduce you guys to our newest members! Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings! Also known by their ship name as Lashton Hemwin." Lynsey announces. Everyone looks to us and begin clapping and cheering. I can 't help but blush and bury my face into Luke 's neck. After everyone calms down, Luke and I take a seat beside Lynsey at the 'head ' of the group circle.

"So, our annual LGBT pride day is coming up in a few weeks. Do we have any ideas on how to raise money?"

"What are we raising money for?" Luke

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