Narrative Essay On Beowulf

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Grendel Hatred is a beautiful thing. It can make one grow from being so innocent and curious to cruel and evil. Most creatures grow with love like little plants, while I was grown with hate. Growing up, I didn’t know other creatures existed besides my mother, why you might ask? You see, we are forced to pay for someone else’s sin, even though we are innocent. Therefore, my mother and I were banished to a region where even demons are afraid to enter. Which explains why I am the demon I am today. I will enlighten you with how my life started so pathetic and ended so miserably. As a young demon, I’ve always enjoyed observing the humans; they were creatures that have always intrigued me. How could a creature be so brutal yet live such a satisfying life; while other creatures exist in …show more content…
He is all I wished to be and sometimes what I wish to become. I was pulled back to reality, and I realized I could never be like him. I was a demon, meant to be hated, and hunted like animal. This enraged me, I lashed out at Beowulf but my effort was fruitless. I felt my sleep-of-the-sword coming soon; I used this short time to leave my marking in this earth. I fought a protracted, bloody, and futile battle. A slowly let death consume me as Beowulf toyed with me. I remembered my loving and nourishing mother, the only living that showed me compassion. The only thing I could do was for her to see me before I passed on and she had to continue her life alone. I escaped from my enemy’s wrath but with a fatal wound. As I crawled back to my ratchet home in the pits of the swamp, I kissed my mother good bye. I could smell death drawing close, the smell was so pungent my eyes began to tear. I said good bye to my pitiful life and left my mother to avenge us. This is a message I leave for my brothers; once a demon, always a demon. No will try to understand you or accept you for anything other than what you are. So follow your path in

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