Narrative Analysis : The Three Act Structure Of The 1954 Rear Window

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The narrative analysis that I will be analyzing is the Three Act Structure for the 1954 Rear Window. In this analysis, it will describe a break down of how this film is structured and what all theses structures mean in application to the audiences understanding. In order to understand what the Three-Act Structure this film provided, we will analyze the film as well as use reference to Module 1 of the Three Act Structure terminology.

At the beginning of the film the first image, the audience is introduced with the rolling of window blinds going up, and then shows a scene of a group of people that are located in an urban New York apartment building. From the view of the film we are viewing it from the protagonist apartment window, in which he oversees the whole apartment courtyard. With analyzing the beginning of the film, I already can identify with the theme as obsession and curiosity of other human begins.
Then we become introduced to our protagonist, and his condition which is the cast on his leg. From analyzing of this film we can tell that our protagonist was an actively normal man, but unfortunately he has an injury, which results to him watching through his neighbors window to entertain his curiosity. With the beginning of the films introduction, this helps us analyze that the protagonist leg is casted, and he’s in a wheel chair, which now helps that we would be watching everything he is watching from his window, since he’s immobile. Also, with protagonist cast on…

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