Nardia And The Visual Motor Integration And Visual Perception Assessment: Case Study

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Nardia was referred by Jaco Nel (Paediatrician) to the Child Development Team (CDT) in November 2014. The referral was for an assessment of her handwriting skills. Nardia presents with epilepsy and mild global developmental delay by Dr Jaco Nel. Nardia fully participated in the Visual Motor Integration and Visual Perception assessment (June 2015) and did not complete the Motor Coordination assessment due to Nardia’s attention and participation decreasing. Nardia listened to instructions and followed them correctly when completing the Beery VMI. When Nardia was asked after, how did she find that, she mentioned that she enjoyed drawing.
Nardia’s scores are as follows:
VMI raw score = 7, percentile = 0.8%
Visual perception raw score = 10, percentiles
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mazes; and introduced some scissor activities in making a Christmas tree. Nardia’s scissor skills were observed as functional when using a left handed pair of scissors. She made a Christmas tree by cutting out straight pieces of recycled card, lines penciled on, to a variety of lengths, see photo. Nardia chose to write the Christmas card to her teacher, and completed the task by tracing over a pre written card. Whilst participating with letter and number searches, Nardia presented with some confusion with mixing up numbers, 17 and 71 and Kiri mentioned she gets letters mixed up e.g. B and …show more content…
Nardia’s Visual Motor Integration (VMI) skills are interpreted at a below average performance level. On observation Nardia presented with minimal attention and motivation to participate in these tasks, she rushed the activities, requiring verbal prompts and quickly stopped participating, this was a stark contrast to table top, art and craft activities.
Kiri highlighted that Nardia’s functional home based skills are increasing and her abilities are improving holistically. She mentioned that since Nardia has been attending weekly therapy she has been activity participating in craft activity at home and is reading books on a daily basis. These occurrences have been encouraged and promoted to continue over the school holidays to enable Nardia’s learning. Thus I suggest the focus is made on Nardia’s improved assessment outcomes and encourage her to continue in visual motor activities to increase her efficiency and performance. Notable changes have occurred for Nardia and her family during 2015, assisted with a supportive teacher, not been prescribed epilepsy medication, increased independence with toileting and attention

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