Donyaeh Case Study

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There are numerous things that play into a child’s development. In the case of donyaeh their or a few key things holding his development back. This factors are poverty, role of mother, and education. The area a child is raised in plays a key role in their development as in the resource they have around them. Living in poverty there are numerous outlets to gain access to drugs. Love and Diane both had addiction to drugs and love still uses drugs. The fact they are so many action of doing drugs this a modeling behavior to the baby. It is saying it is ok to do drugs.
Bronfenbrenner’s (1977) microsystem is the complex of relations between the developing person and environment in an immediate setting containing that person. (Dixon,2003). Its obvious
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Since birth donyaeh has already had four different caretakers his mom, foster mom, grandma, his aunt. Mary Ainsworth (1979) argued the first year of mother -infant interaction influences attachment classification (cited in Dixon ,2003) mother that response appropriately to their infants needs and are emotionally available will have a securely attached relationship (Shelley ,2012). Love does not have this with donyaeh at all. She is not emotionally available she has a lot of issues with depression, angry, neglect, and suicide ideation. The oblivious is that love does not know what love is and she craves love and affectionate. The child is more likely to have an insecure ambivalent attachment. Which will result in the child not being independent, more aggressive, less empathetic, and less emotionally mature. All traits that can be said that fits his mother …show more content…
Love lets it go the first time then lashes out on him. This is the autonomy vs shame stage that Erikson would encourage independence. (Shelley,2012). Children at this age are developing physically and becoming more mobile. They begin to assert their independence, by walking away from their mother, picking which toy to play with, and making choices about what they like to wear, and eat. So by her getting angry she is shaming him and not letting him be creative. If donyaeh had a better attachment system and was allowed to be figure things out, he would be more suited to developed better than he is in

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