Napoleon, A Leader And Enlightened Despot Of The Nineteenth Century

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“My policy is to govern men as the great number wish to be governed. That I think, is the way to recognize the sovereignty of the people.” This was stated by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte, a notorious leader and enlightened despot of the nineteenth century who was both an authoritarian and egalitarian. Through his use of relentless nationalism towards France, Napoleon utilized his influence and authority to ameliorate the lives of French citizens.
Bonaparte received his power from the people and therefore always strived to make the country powerful and prosperous for the people. He believed in both a strong government and the abolishment of the aged aristocracy of privilege. Even though he grew up in a family of lesser nobility and did not have an extensive emolument, it did not put Napoleon in a pessimistic mindset. He often read the works of Rousseau and believed in the Jacobin mindset.Through his hard work and perseverance, he was appointed French artillery officer, which was just the beginning of his future military endeavors. During the French Revolution, Bonaparte ran the ranks by being a compulsory leader in salvaging the port of Toulon from the British, fortifying the revolutionary regime throughout the Thermidorian Reaction, and directed the French army in Italy.
As Napoleon continued to grow as a leader, he consistently adhered to theories of the Enlightenment era. For example, he complied to Rousseau’s belief that what the majority of the population decides…

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