Nanotechnology Essay

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Kassondra Deneen Hughes
Argosy University
Professor Merwin

Television is a form of entertainment, which has changed the way people think about science. Science was once viewed by many as boring or too complicated but thanks to shows like The Big Bang Theory that has changed. The show and its quirky actors teach us something different each show. One thing that I learned is that physics is the study of nature and properties of matter and energy. When the show first came on there was a chalk board in their living room that had a lot of numbers on it and Sheldon was attempting to figure out some mind boggling equation that involved a lot of small numbers that looked like big numbers. I have
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One field of study that is being vastly impacted is tissue regeneration. One way it has been impacted is; “nanostructured titanium implant surfaces promote bone cell responses leading to accelerated calcium deposition improving integration with surrounding bone compared to conventional titanium surfaces (Ergun et al. 2008; Webster et al. 2000, 1999; Yao et al. 2008) (Khang 2010).” This type of nanostructure is called nanomaterial. This material can be implanted into the damaged bone cell to improve the use of the bone structure thus perhaps save the diseased bone.
The future of Nanotechnology in Medicine Nanotechnology in medicine will be very important in the future, because the way diseases are diagnosed and treated will depend a lot on the microbots that will be implanted in the body to collect information that will be processed by the nanocomputers. This sounds like something out of a fantasy movie or cartoon, but it is soon to be a reality. According to an article entitled Future impact of nanotechnology on medicine and dentistry, written by several scientist involved in nanotechnology
Medical nanorobots have been proposed for genotological applications in pharmaceuticals research, clinical diagnosis, and in dentistry, and also mechanically reversing atherosclerosis, improving respiratory

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