Nanotechnology in Medicine Essay

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Nanotechnology in Medicine Nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular level to create molecules with different and new matter, is a heavily expanding area of research with huge potential in many other areas of research, ranging from healthcare to construction and electronics. In medicine, it promises to develop drug transport, gene therapy, diagnostics, and many more areas of research, progress and medical claim. But in reality is it really possible for things such as cancer to be cure or other diseases? If so, who is going to fund the research for nanotechnology in medicine? And is it really ethically correct for someone to inject themselves or send something through their body without knowing for certain …show more content…
Applying that to humans, the same exact thing could happen. The nanoparticles could be mistaken for bacteria or viruses, which would lead doctors to treat those problems which could potentially be a disaster. The human immune system is already weak from cancer, and when doctors think that you have a virus or bacteria and treat it, it could make the person with cancer even sicker, or could potentially be fatal, to treat that “bacteria” you never had in the first place (Eureka, no pag).
Declan McCullagh, a journalist, computer programmer, and photographer argues, “The United States government should not provide large sums of money for nanotechnology research. Governments’ are not the best predictors of worthwhile research. In the past governments have thrown money at several failed endeavors” (McCullagh, 222). In general, nanotechnology may be a growing and promising technology that may change the way we live our lives, but the US government should not be funding this kind of research. McCullagh also states, “Over an eight-year period, taxpayers gave about $800 million to 14 electronic companies that made about $800 million in combined profits every month. . . (McCullagh, 225). As a working US citizen, I don’t want my hard working tax paying dollars goingtoward funding for nanomedicine; something that is set up to fail, and all that money wasted for

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