Nano : A Study Field Of Interfacial Phenomenon On Nano Scale Essays

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Nano tribology is a study field of interfacial phenomenon in nano scale. The interaction between

two contacting solids during a relative motion from atomic to microscale is important to

understand the friction, wear, adhesion, indentation phenomenon. Now a days it has a plenty

application in micro electro mechanical system (MEMS), nano electro mechanical system

(NEMS), magnetic storage, lubricant manufacturing and many more field. There are few

instruments in the market to study the tribology , they are SFA, STM, AFM,FFM. Out of them

AFM is a powerful tool to study nano mechanics and nano tribology for its versatile nature in

imaging, roughness, nano scale force measurement to manipulation of tiny particle in nanoscale.

AFM is a member of surface force apparatus. The tool is so precise that it can measure force

between probe and sample surface in less than 1 nano Newton range. Tribolgy is a very old

mechanical science term. Friction study in nano scale is not well established till now. We can

measure friction, (lateral force microscopy) surface roughness, adhesion, scratching, indentation

etc by this tool. This is always a difficult approach to manipulate particle in nanoscale to study

nano tribology. The recent development and modification of atomic force microscope, surface

force apparatus, different computational simulation for simulating tip–surface interactions lead to

study interfacial problems with better accuracy and…

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