Named Suburban Americ Problems And Promise Essay

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The documentary named Suburban America: Problems and Promise is an extremely interesting film in my own opinion due to the issue that it brings and discusses with regards to the suburbia. The movie is by APT, which stands for the American Public Television. The documentary highlighted a lot of places in the United States of America such as Long Island, Orange County, and Cleveland that discusses the changes that occurred in the suburban areas in which every area gave its own story in the film. The audience that was focused on during the documentary is the one that lives in the suburbia and the changes of those places socially and politically. All of these places have issues such as an aging infrastructure and with such problems the suburbia is still alive.
The main purpose in this movie in my own standpoint is to highlight the issues and the changes facing the suburb of the Unites States with regards to all the demographical, economical, and political changes in the most contemporary times with the goal of creating a more sustainable environment. The producer named Ron Rudaitis give huge emphasis and focus on the area of Long Island. The message of this documentary is to give solutions to the biggest issue faced in these suburbias which are solutions given by experts that are interested in revolutionizing these areas in the united states and making them more environmental.
Personally, I have never seen suburbia in my whole life so I have no prior knowledge of these places or…

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