Ethical Issues In Nail Salons

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Painting nails are very popular everywhere in the last few decades. There are many professional manicurists. In the New York City, numerous nail salons which are run by foreigners exist, especially Asian are managing including immigrants. There are two articles about the reality of the nail salons in New York City and these article show that many issues that a government or society are supposed to make strategies for improvements.

Sarah, M.N. (2015) states that there are many kinds of precedents which workers actually have been forcing problems at their workplace. While customers are happy to get fancy nails done at nail salons workers confront harmful problems to their health which effect mentality and physically due
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These are related to discriminations so that it takes a long time to fix wage problems because business is composed by human being. Schmidt, N.(2014) states that all workers should be treated fairly regardless of gender, beliefs, nationalities, and so on. It is apparently shown that the right to non-discrimination conflicts with other rights that is not the case always which of these rights should prevail. Therefore it is almost impossible that people feel that they are treated perfectly fairly anywhere. Therefore, it should be considered that these issues are not only for the nail …show more content…
Of course some unethical happenings that are conducted by devilish owners should be given better solutions for each improvements otherwise manicurists in New York City would keep exposing rough work environments including receiving in given insufficient wages. Nevertheless, as one of the females, miscarriage would be came up the biggest issue among problems insisted in both articles. It should be never happened. A lot of women desire to have their own babies and some of them thinks that giving a birth is the happiest thing in their all lives like one female in the article emphasized “losing my dream”. As it is conveyed obviously in this paper, limitations of chemical stuffs in the United States are not that strict. Although it is actually understandable that there are some difficulties with illustrating or guiding the same norms for everything, but at least something that are banned in other countries should not be utilized in the United States as well since there is the absolute fact that the stricter norm would encourage better circumstances to people who are struggling with their problems. To sum it up, I do desire in nail industry unethical behaviors by owners become diminishing and the federal low facilitate better circumstances to workers with spreading out more practical

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