Nagel And Nagel's Theory Of Reductionistic Experiences

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What is the name of these subjective experiences?
Anti- reductionists believe that subjective experiences is not reducible to objective characterizations. Nagel states that subjective experiences is referred to pour-soi which is french for subjective. Subjective is described as “for- itself” and are based of feelings and emotions.

b. How does his bat example illustrate Nagel’s argument that these experiences cannot be objectively understood? Nagel states objective as en-soi which is french for “in-itself” and is based on facts and measurable quantities. Nagel uses the bat example and states that bats have sonar perception and that it's utterly unimaginable from the perception of a human being. He states that we know what it's like
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He explains how these experiences are not captured by reductive explanations. He believes that consciousness is not an explanatory system, nor a suctional state, and nor an intentional state. He states that reductionism fails to specifically explicat a subjective experience. He states that in order to define consciousness we need to include the phenomenological features of experience. Phenomenology is the study of subjective qualitative experiences;It describes our experiences with consciousness.Nagel is saying that if were going to give a satisfactory definition of what it is like to actually be conscious it can not just be a reductive explanation but also a phenomenological description of our experiences. Nagel believes that in order to understand consciousness and have a good explanation for it we need to understand the link between the subjective and objective views. He believes that objective accounts dismiss phenomenological descriptions also he states that, “ To be conscious at all seems to imply that there is something that it is like to be that organisms.” Which means that consciousness only exists if and only if a state of being exist. Thus, he concludes that consciousness here is not a private

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