Mythology In Greek Mythology

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I.The people of Greece that lived during the mythology age cared about what would happen to them when they died. They believed they would go to the Underworld to live their forever when it was time for their spirits to leave earth. Even in other religions and myths, people believed in places their soul would go when they died. In modern society, those beliefs have dwindled. Not as many people go to a church, synagogue, or temple to worship. People reference heaven as if it is a place, but sometimes, they do not believe that their soul will go there when they die. There are certain steps to take in order to reach heaven depending on the religion that an individual worship. Not many people believe in the ideas of a certain religion compared …show more content…
Almost everybody will deceive another person at least once in their life whether that is by lying or betraying him or her. In Greek mythology, deception is a common recurrence throughout each tale. The Greeks, Prometheus, and Rhea use it as an illusion, causing the victim of their trickery to …show more content…
Cronus swallowed their first five children whole; however, Rhea carried the sixth child, Zeus, to Crete. Rhea deceived Cronus by giving him a rock covered in swaddling clothes to swallow instead of Zeus. Because Rhea used deception against Cronus, Zeus was able to defeat Cronus many years later.

The use of deception caused various stories in Greek mythology to end tragically or joyfully. It led to the creation of the Trojan horse, the ability for humans to keep the good meat for themselves, and the downfall of Cronus. The outcome of each myth was decided through the use of deception.

III. In almost every novel, an author places their own opinions into the storyline whether it be plot changing or extremely nonchalant. The readers can discover their hidden meanings or interpret the writings in their way. This is how modern readers continue to find meaning in stories that contain magic, the intervention of gods, and other miraculous

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