Mythological Stories Of Art History Essays

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A variety of mythological stories take place throughout art history, many of which are well known for containing strong emotional and moral messages. The stories are used to teach a moral lesson or understand why things are a certain way, or how they came to be. For example, deserts were created when Phaethon was driving his father’s sun chariot, essentially burning certain parts of the earth such as Africa to form deserts. Similarly, each phenomenon has a meaning or message behind it which is one of the main purposes for why a story was created. Artists, throughout several different time periods, attempt to depict what they assume to be the main focus or climactic scene of each myth, and portray it through their artworks. These artworks then capture the scenes, sometimes as a single snapshot of the climactic moment, which then give way to the story.
An artist can impress his audience by depicting the scene in a way that can help the audience relate to it, thereby better understanding it. He can do this by including various elements such as emotions, fine description of the scene or environment, and layer of conflict, tension, or suspense that drives the story. The fine details are pertinent to any scene that should help the audience understand something not just be aesthetically pleasing. Artists tend to use artistic elements such as color and implied motion which help to beautifully bring the artwork together as a whole. The elements that need to be displayed in the…

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