myth of Latin women Essay

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Summary and Response to “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria” In “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria,” Judith Ortiz Cofer illustrates several hardships she suffered due to the universal, misleading stereotypes propagated by the media. Cofer demonstrates various stereotypes that Latin women are subjected to, such as an experience in which she was regarded as a waitress at a California restaurant, and “the Hispanic woman as the ‘Hot Tamale’ or sexual firebrand” (63).She also states that she was taught to act like a woman when she was a teenager and encouraged to dress maturely, which made her peers laughed at her (64). At the end of the article, Cofer concludes that she hopes to change the …show more content…
Latin girls are not vegetables, which should ripen quickly. In fact, they are just common girls who need normal growth time to become young ladies. Based on these experiences, Cofer supports the idea that people cannot subjectively believe widespread stereotypes. As an international student at an American university, I have experienced the same harassment as Cofer. Moreover, I was guilty of stereotyping Americans. I should not have believed the stereotype about Americans that most of them are overweight. Before I came to America, someone told me that Americans are obese, and if I wanted to keep a good figure, I’d better cook Chinese food and eat as little American food as I could. After I came here, I noticed that a large amount of girls I saw on the downtown streets and campus own a thin and healthy figure. I realized that this stereotype mislead me, since just a few people are overweight. In addition, I also suffered some misunderstanding about Chinese students. Many Americans seem to think that all the Chinese students are good at math. Once I asked one of my classmates a math question, he felt surprised and said, “I thought you could have solved any of the math problems; you Chinese students are all good at it!” However, the fact is that I never learn Calculus before. When I was in high school, most of students studied at least twelve hours a day. The only advantage is that I made a solid foundation in high school and learned math deeper than

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