Mystery And Suspense In Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

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Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window is a suspenseful thriller that keeps the viewer guessing up until the closing scenes of the movie. This movie is about a photographer named Jeff Jefferies (James Stewart) that is unfortunately confined to his apartment due to a broken leg. He spends his free time observing his neighbors out the rear window in his apartment. The only relief from voyeurism he has every day is when Stella (Thelma Ritter) the insurance company nurse comes over to massage his back and check on him and his beautiful girlfriend Lisa Carol Fremont (Grace Kelly) comes over to keep him company at night. After spending seven weeks observing all of his wacky neighbors he starts to suspect that one of his neighbors might have killed his wife. …show more content…
Alfred Hitchcock was able to create a suspenseful and entertaining movie by allowing both Stewart and Kelly to become their characters. The whole film was shot from an apartment and even though there were not many characters and different locations, Hitchcock was still able to create the entertaining thriller. Stewart and Kelly both played off each other, which helped to create mystery and suspense. The acting from both Kelly and Stewart was exceptional and helped to contribute to an excellent story and entertaining film. There was uncertainty throughout the film that kept the audience guessing on how the story would unfold. Hitchcock used his directing style and artistry to create a since of mystery around the plot and the actors helped to enhance it with their dialogue. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film and I look forward to viewing more films directed by Alfred Hitchcock and more films with Grace Kelly in them. This Hitchcock movie was simple but very calculated. This film kept me guessing on whether or not Stewart was delusional or maybe he was right. Kelly kept feeding into Stewart’s possible delusions and everybody else denied them. Hitchcock did well to recruit these two to play the leading roles and he also did an exceptional job directing and keeping the viewer constantly guessing. I would most definitely recommend this film to others and I would probably watch it again with

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