Mystery And Horror In The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe

Born January 19, 1809, Boston, Massachusetts,short-story writer, poet, and editor Edgar Allan Poe 's tales of mystery and horror made the modern detective story, and the mood in his tales of horror is unmatched in American fiction. His The Raven is among the most known poems in national literature.
With his short stories and poems, Edgar Allan Poe captured interest of readers around the world. His creative talents led to the creation of many literary genres, earning him the nickname "Father of the Detective Story" among other distinctions. His life was a bit of mystery itself. And the lines between the facts and falsities have been highly blurred since his death (
Being the son of actors, Poe never really knew his parents. His father
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This was Poes only full length novel in this novel he explores the failings of society as a whole.It followed Poe’s style of dark and macabre. From cannibalism to mutiny he explores these recesses like a scientist would an experiment. I think he needed to be locked up into an insane asylum for his whole and none of us would of had to set through the torture of reading his stories. It was around this time that he wrote The Fall of the House of Usher this was written to much criticism and much love. People saw it as germanism and others saw it as a great piece of literature. I see it as a story of his incestous life style that he tried to explain away with a …show more content…
He was nothing but a conniving loser that had to rely on others to get money. I wish that I could go back in time and unpublish all of his “writing”. If thats all it takes to be a writer anyone can do it.
Here 's part of Poe’s obituary. The funny part about this is that the man that wrote it hated him with a passion. So he took the opportunity to trash him in entirety. And I respect him for that I wish i could go back and talk to him in person.
“EDGAR ALLAN POE is dead. He died in Baltimore the day before yesterday. This announcement will startle many, but few will be grieved by it. The poet was well known, personally or by reputation, in all this country; he had readers in England, and in several of the states of Continental Europe; but he had few or no friends; and the regrets for his death will be suggested principally by the consideration that in him literary art has lost one of its most brilliant but erratic stars.(New York Tribune) That last line is a complete lie the world was finally put out of its misery. Poe made history some good some bad. But despite what anyone says he will go down in history as one of the most asinine writers ever in my

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