My Workplace Is At Vellore Woods Dentistry Essays

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My workplace is at Vellore Woods Dentistry, located at 9565 Weston Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4H 3A5. This institution is owned by a dentist, Dr. R.Goodfellow. He opened this dental office from 2006, wanted to help his clients have satisfying teeth and to help them learn more about their oral hygiene in general. He used to work at Shoreham Dental. It was a small building which is why he moved to create Vellore Woods Dentistry and to expand his company. He is currently learning the most unique and advanced methods of treating dental issues for his patients. He is able to achieve such methods with the help of his 14 employees that made the dental institution boom with business since day one. Since one of his dental assistants is off on maternity, he is in the process of hiring one, but has not been successful due to high turnover. The seven assistants Dr.G had hired were confused on what his goals were and what he wished to pursue with his clients. Sometimes they did not perform to his expectations. Some of them found the job hard and resigned from their job. This is what Dr.G is currently struggling with, but is certain he will find the right candidate. :)
Vellore Woods Dentistry doesn’t have a mission statement, but Dr.G presents to his clients to google his website where they would find his videos and pictures describing common medical concerns he notices in patients such as TMJ. The philosophy of Dr. G’s office is to mostly focus on TMJ which stands for temporomandibular joint.…

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