Essay On Visual Metaphor

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Visual Metaphor
When we start out, few of us know exactly what we want to be or where we want to end up. I choose a Maze as my visual metaphor because the fashion program is like a maze to me. I as a student in the program feel confusing, lost, understanding that the progress, that how you should feel in the first week of call but it’s been 7 week now I still have that feel of confusing, it’s like disorienting trail that that I follow in which every decision could mean life (right)or death(failure). I don’t know if I make the right decision to be in the program. I’m lost in the maze, I don’t know when I going to find my way out.
My journal is a working process. I need to work on my journal fining that connection with it. I get lazy to update my
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I fine is helpful for me now because I pick up new skills I learned from my classmate and how their think process is like, which helped me with my journal a bit. I fine from day one I was shy, scary, and didn’t want to ask anyone for help now after creating WhatsApp I’m not that scary to ask question or ask how everyone is because everyone is at the same level of learn and that we are a connected team that support each other’s. Without it I’ll feel like everyone will be on their own, feeling lost still. I feel like I grow as a person not feeling scary what other think people think of me and what’s the point of feeling shy and scary? When 99% of my classmate is feeling the same way

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