My Visit To The River Visit

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My visit to New Orleans, Louisiana was extravagant. It was a school sponsored field trip. I had a chance to see the heritage of New Orleans. That day was hot and a little windy. My friends and I were excited about getting to see something new. I visited the World War II Museum, saw a 4D movie about World War II, and went to the River walk. The first place we went when we made it was to the World War II Museum which has over 100,000 artifacts. Other schools were there also. As soon as we entered the door we were greeted upon arrival. The museum was cold and very large. They had historic World War II airplanes hanging from the ceiling, large monuments with all the soldier’s names, and the sidewalk had important dates. There were cases with uniforms …show more content…
We walked down a historic sidewalk that had a mural painted on it representing the culture of New Orleans. The mural was at least a mile long and was very detailed. When we finally made it to the Riverwalk there were dancers dancing to some Jazz music. The music was fast tempo and soothing at the same time. The dancers were dressed in masquerade outfits that were many colors. There were many varieties of food to choose from. The smell of the soul food and seafood hit me as soon as I walked down the stretch. The aroma was pleasant and delightful. I chose to get a burger and fries. When I ate the burger, my taste buds were jumping with joy. The burger was huge and smelled wonderful; the fries were long and crinkly with lots of salts. My friends and I walked outside on the balcony to see the beautiful Mississippi River. The sun was shining high and bright in the sky and there was a light breeze. I heard the songs of birds while I stood among lots of other people. I walked back inside to go to the gift shop. When I made it to the gift shop I was amazed at all the things they had. There were masks of all kinds and costumes of all kinds. The people who worked on the River walk were very nice and

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