My Visit At The Washington County Museum Of Fine Arts Essay example

888 Words Nov 18th, 2016 4 Pages
On November 18, 2016, I went to the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, where the motto is “The Secret to Life is in Art .” Prior to my visit to the museum, I was already familiar with it due to the fact that, two of my works of art from high school, was shown there. Even though this was true, I still had not actually looked through the museum. Prior to this course, I did not have much of an appreciation or care for art because of how “overrated” it seems today. But with the knowledge and understanding I’ve developed while taking this course, it has helped to open my eyes to just how amazing art is, and how fortunate Hagerstown is to possess such a facility. The museum is very beautiful, and the layout is very creative. I was most impressed by the architecture of the building and how it screamed the “ART.” I’ve been to many other kinds of museums that were housed in such boring buildings, with just rooms. However, this museum’s exterior reminds me of the White House, and makes me think about the contributions of the Greeks. While inside, I was mostly draw to the more modern works of art, specifically those from the Abstract Expressionism. The work of art that I will talk about in this paper is, Untitled, by Reuben Kadish. Untitled, is an abstraction painting using oil paint and sand on canvas. The painting is composed using all of the elements of art, with special attention to line, color, and texture. Abstraction art is supposed to be about the act of painting itself,…

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