My Visit At Lexington Pershing Elementary Essay

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On September 30th, 2014, I had the opportunity to visit Kearney Catholic and on October 9th, I visited Lexington Pershing Elementary. Visiting these two schools was a rewarding yet challenging experience. Although the schools’ were very diverse, they also showed some similarities. Reflecting back on first impressions of both schools, I remember many differences. Kearney Catholic’s entrance was very subdued for a school. The school did not have very much color or artwork hanging in the halls. Lexington Pershing was a warm environment for students. The colors were very eye-catching! During my visit at Kearney Catholic I viewed two different classrooms. I viewed a biology class and a history class. At Lexington Pershing, I viewed a kindergarten class. I also had the chance to sit in on one-on-one session with a speech pathologist. Seeing the differences and similarities at both of the schools incorporated with many of the moral dimensions gave me many new insights on being in the education field.
Classroom Management Organization in the classroom is imperative for student success. At both of my visits I noticed great classroom management. The classrooms at Kearney Catholic were not very vibrant whereas Lexington Pershing were very colorful. I did not notice much artwork or projects of the students displayed at Kearney Catholic. Lexington Pershing had hallways filled of drawings and projects made by their students. They also had fall decorations. Lexington Pershing Elementary…

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