Essay about My Views On Campus Life

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Campus life can be exciting while challenging for most people who start to live on campus, especially when one has to face the collision of different cultures and beliefs. I have to go through this as well. It was in my first year to attend a university in China when I started to live on campus far away from home. Even though I had prepared myself to face new challenges and to adapt to the new environment, I still had to cope with some difficulties in relationships to get on well with others, especially when people who didn’t understand my faith wanted to disprove it because I had Christian faith. After experiencing life-changing events and seeing my mother’s testimony, I became a Christian when I was in High school. What’s more, this faith not only made me a new person but also let me grow up by carrying me through some hardships when I started my life in university. It was a time in my life that I faced a situation in which people were hostile to my faith, which taught me to face the challenges bravely and to view issues through standing in other people’s shoes, but also love those who disagree with me and interpret this faith to them with gentleness and respect.
Meeting people in a brand new environment could be an exciting thing, especially when to meet those who are from different provinces in this country with different cultures, which made me a decision to make friends and have good relationships. However, things did not go through as my expectation because of some…

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