My Views Of My Family: My Relationship With My Parents

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My grandparents worshiped my aunt who was only 10 months younger because to them she was prettier. Due to this she looked for love in all the wrong places. She was only sixteen years old when she got pregnant with her first child. Shermyra’s father left when my mom was only 5 months pregnant. My sister Shermyra was born on December 22, 1988, the day before my mother’s 17th birthday.
Much of my views on relationships are based on those of both my mom and my grandmothers. Many of their children were born out of wedlock. It seems as though marriage was not an important thing in my family. Also, the relationship with my grandparents show me what relationship I would not want to have. My grandmother catered to my grandfather and he never satisfied.
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Due to her having us so young she never wanted the same for her children. My mom pushed us to get a good education. Education was always the priority in my household because my parents think that a good education equals success. My father was never able to finish high school and my mom was able to be as successful as she is by just having an associate’s degree.
I know many children including my brother that wish their parents were together or married. However, I do not ever want my parents to be together. I am grateful that they met because I was born but I realize that some people do not need to be together. If my parents were together when I was a children I think that would have made me very unhappy. They are complete opposites which makes me wonder how they were ever together.
When I was four years old, my parents broke up. Due to my mom having no job she was forced to ask my grandparents to move back in with them. My grandmother was okay with it but asked my mom to verify with my grandfather due to him being head of household. My grandfather declined this offer. My mom and I then lived in the Queen Louise homeless shelter for 6
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At a point in my mother’s like she was also a stay at home mom. Eventually, when she finally left my father she moved into the workforce. My mom vowed to never cater to a man. She believes in an egalitarian relationship where everything is equal and this how she raised me. My dad however is what island people consider a typical down island man. He expects his wife to do all house work, especially to know how to cook. I respect both my parents’ views. I am able to cook but I side with my mother on having an equal relationship.
On May 28th 1993 I was born, first generation in the United States on my dad’s side and second on my mother’s side. I am the youngest if three children. My parents broke up when I was only four years. They were never married. This caused me to live in a shelter with my mother for 6 months. I was the only child that my mom raised of the three of us. I stayed with her throughout my eighteen years on Saint Croix and left in 2011 to attend college at The University of New Haven in Connecticut. I then moved to Texas in 2012 to be close to family. I now graduate with my bachelor’s degree in

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