My View On My Life Essay

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“I want to look like Miranda Kerr! Or even better, I want to walk on the runway with models wearing Vera Wang,” said 18 year old Maggie.
“I want to be beautiful and likable. I look at myself in the mirror everyday to check out my flaws and what needs to be fixed. I’m skipping dinner tonight even though I already have anorexia,” said 19 year old Holly.
“My nose needs surgery! My hair is ugly! My face is too wide! I am a horrible looking person. I need to save money for these things,” said Amber sadily.
“I love me just the way I am. I look exactly like that girl on the front cover of Cosmopolitan magazine,” Priya said proudly.
“If my boyfriend sees me with no makeup on he will totally break up with me. Thinking about it makes me sad. Why do I have to be so ugly?” said Holly.
“Don’t worry Holly. You just need to put makeup on everyday and try to convince your mom to give you a surgery then you wouldn’t have to hide your flaws,” said Priya.
Girls are still stressing out about human perfection. Girls are passive consumers of media. While these best friends are arguing about beauty and their looks, what is the cause of this? Thanks to television, the internet, movies, magazines, and the media has what these ladies perception of what beauty really is. Society is telling these ladies they need to be thinner, more beautiful, and have all these traits and qualities to be successful and accepted. Their mental perception of what they look like has already been distorted. Their…

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