Essay on My View Of My Life

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A big part of my life has consisted of me coming to terms with my sexuality. Since birth, I have always been on the more feminine side. This led to consistent instances of people mistaking me for a girl or peers making fun of me for looking like or doing something that made me “girly.” This dichotomy of “masculine” and “feminine” played a large role in my childhood, and although it was difficult for me to accept that I was just more feminine acting than was considered normal, it was okay and I was who I was. In my teen years, I found myself not struggling so much with the idea of myself being associated with feminine attributes, but my sudden attraction toward men. Although I went to a high school with a very open-minded environment, being gay still wasn’t the norm in my family or the generally conservative area that I lived in. So, the major struggle I had with my sexuality was coming to terms with it on my own, by myself, and in my own way. It was a day to day thing; asking myself questions, considering options, trying to discern who I was and how my feelings would fit into the life that I expected of myself. Did being gay fit perfectly into the future I originally imagined for myself? No, and it never would. It meant that things were going to change, and I was uncomfortable with that. So I gave myself time, and throughout high school, I allowed myself to think through and process these realities that I was suddenly having to face. It wasn’t a problem with people picking…

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